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Flash Blog #1

There has been a lot of negativity in the pole press of late and we have decided to create our own Storm Studios Blog called Monthly flash ๐Ÿ˜‚

Each month 3 students and 1 instructor will be nominated across all studios to write a little piece about something they are doing in the studios or about a workshop they have done or anything to do with pole really!

If you want to do a little something speak to your instructor

Yaaaay positivity

Chloe Collin - Sale Hoop and Pole instructor

Having choreographed dances for many years from tap dance to ballet, for elite seniors too toddlers, choreographing a pole & hoop routine for girls who had never even thought of performing this early in their aerial journey was a challenge I wanted to take on.

When I told the girls they had been asked to perform at the first Thunderstruck in house competition they were very super excited to do this, especially as they weren't performing alone. I kept their nerves and personal worries in mind and choried the routine to lesson this for them.

So I had the pole and hoop classes combined into one routine. With so much going on, no one would be able to focus on one person and this made by their self conscious minds relax a little more.

Performance day rolls around and they were more excited to watch Beth perform to worry about their own routine. With their bangin costumes and big smiles, they smashed it out of the ballpark (such a proud pole mama moment) I received so much positive feedback of their performance and everyone thought it was the perfect way to close Thunderstruck. We will be back next year x

Kim - Bairnsdale long time student & strength instructor

Everything's turned to shit!

Work sucks, neighbors dogs keep yapping,you stood in a land mine your dog dropped when you went to bring in washing thats been out for two weeks. And then you remember you've got pole tonight. "Fine, I'll go, but I'm not gunna like it. Won't nail anything, and I won't get happy".

You drag your sorry ass in the door. Then your pole wife sticks her tongue out at you and requests a hug (for herself of course), and nek minute....aaaaaaahhhhhh it's good to be here!!!!

For the next hour you laugh, cry, discuss, instagram and sometimes climb a pole-but you're with your family away from family.

Your girls (and guys) get you, accept your crazy, give you advice and just let you be you, no pressure. Sometimes pole family is the one family you need to make everything go the f#@$ away.

And Bairnsdale have the tightest family in the world. Because everyone that comes in that door is welcomed, accepted and embraced, no matter what their story. Not only did that happen with me, but I've seen it with everyone who joins us.

Pole family is like no other. Bairnsdale family is like no other. Sure we have our barnies, but we always kiss and make up and touch each others bums.

Ooooooooooooo touching bums. And checking for bits and boobs out. Times of togetherness you can only share with your pole family.

That's what keeps you coming back when you feel like crap. Because when you're being a turd, everything has gone to shit and you need a time out-pole family will always be there for you.

Always. xxxx

We've all done it. Had THE best aerial session last night. Conditioned like a pro, smashed the combo and flexied our ass off.

And get out of bed the next morning feeling less than stellar!

Cannot lift arms to do hair for work. Birds nest bed hair style it is. Again!

Sore muscles go hand in hand with our training, as a beginner or a pro, whether we pole once a week or every single day.

Stretching and strength training go a long way towards nailing our pole goals. On a Monday night, here in Bairnsdale, I run a class that covers lots of off pole training. A mat based class sometimes using a band or a ball, we use bodyweight strengthen moves and stretch out all the sore spots. Each week we cover a different body area, sometimes doing it with a partner, sometimes yoga and pilates and sometimes just doing core work- because laughing is great for the core!!

Then, to make it interesting, every single session is different. No two are alike. All the exercises are hand picked to complement pole and dance and half the time the class is as much a surprise to me as my classmates. I take lots of ideas from all of my other classes and put them together to fill an hour.

And those that join in- know I can't count, can't tell left from right and spend a lot of time consulting my notes. And yet, my girls are regulars, coming back each week to stretch and tone, giggle and strengthen.

Maybe there's something in spending time doing low impact, high result stretch and strength work because even if you go "Pfffffft- that didn't do anything, didn't feel a thing", you'll know about it in the morning.

But you'll have the strength and flexibility to do your hair!!!!

MISH - Wonthaggi hoop instructor and dead pool superstar

Hey fam! Things have been busy on the hoop front down here in Wonthaggi. I've just wrapped up my second term of instructing, and my lovely hooper troopers (as they are known down here) seem to have accepted me as their fearless leader. ๐Ÿ˜‚

In the first half of July I attended Circus Training Australia to receive some formal instructor training in Aerial Hoop. On Thunderstruck weekend I had a particularly busy schedule - CTA training Sat morning, competing late Sat night and then back to Melb all over again for more CTA training Sun morning! It was well worth it though and I hope to go back for more training later this year.

Miss Lyra Australia finals are now less than three months away. Not going to lie, I'm extremely anxious about it all but the song is locked in and the serious chorey work is underway. Hope I can do you all proud. xx

BEC J - Bairnsdale Pole and Aerial Student and Instructor

Term 2 in Bairnsdale saw a new class added to its timetable. FLYGYM!! This had everyone interested in what you could do with a hammock and how it could be used for fitness.

For the first couple of classes everyone felt like baby giraffes trying to balance and be coordinated (this went for the teacher to), now all fly gym students hang about like little monkeys.

Seeing how flygym students strength and flexibility has improved so much is such and awarding experience.

After the first term of flygym being all about strength and flex something different was done for the second term we learnt a combo.

We started off learning each trick individually then slowly worked on threading it together. All students flow, transitions and shapes have all improved greatly!! With something completely different again installed for term 3 it once again should be a fun and rewarding class.

Bre - Sale student and beginner instructor

Hey guys!

I started pole properly when Katie taught for Aerial fit here in Sale (in a little old shed). I only got to train for a few months before the studio closed it's doors. Sad as I was I knew Katie had big plans to open her own studio(s) one day, I had no doubt she'd follow through with it. Thaaaaank goodness she did because the love for pole is stronger than ever! I think it has everything to do with the beautiful people I get to spend my time in the studio with.

I knew prior to Sale's studio opening I really wanted to become skilled enough to be an instructor. Little did I know how quickly I'd pick everything up again plus more! I have trained crossfit for many years now so I think that has gone hand in hand with the more strength based moves on the pole.

With all life's stresses and struggles, nothing matters when I'm in the studio. It's my happy place and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share my pole love and knoweledge onto my level one girls in the coming weeks just like my instructors have for me.

Thanks for reading, big love for my Storm fam!

- Bre x

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